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16 Ways to Enjoy the Summer Season with the Senior in Your Life

With vacation times and the kids out of school, it may be hard to think of fun things to do with seniors. Of course, it can depend on the weather, where you live and the level of mobility of the senior. However, it’s important that seniors continue to be as mentally and physically active as possible. At FirstLight Home Care, we interact with seniors daily – here’s some fun things to keep the boredom away:

  1. Watch the sunset or sunrise. Because many seniors do not sleep as long, they can be early birds. Bring their favorite coffee or donut and just enjoy the view.
  2. Senior love to reminisce. Pull out the old photo albums and laugh at the old hairdos and fashions. Chances are, each picture will bring a fond memory.
  3. If you live close to a beach or lake, take a jaunt along the water – many have wheelchair accessible paths.
  4. Plan a barbecue where you serve their favorite foods. For one night, don’t worry about calories (unless they have strict diet restrictions). Make an old family favorite recipe – one you haven’t served in a long time!
  5. Do they like to read? Read a chapter from a book each time you visit. Or take out a fun magazine and read articles on topics they are interested in. Audio books are great for seniors.
  6. Go to a summer parade (like for the Fourth of July) or a place that has fireworks. Take a comfortable lawn chair and some sunscreen.
  7. Go to a garage sale or flea market. Inevitably they will find something that reminds them of their childhood. Give them $5 and tell them to go crazy!
  8. Have a family reunion and invite both families, neighbors and friends. Make them the center of attention.
  9. Go to an outdoor music concert – many areas have them for free. Take a sack lunch or dinner with their favorite fast food … and don’t forget the ice cream!
  10. Plant a garden. Raised beds and planters make it easier for seniors to reach. And what tastes better than home-grown tomatoes?
  11. Set up bird feeders in the back yard. Everybody loves watching baby birds!
  12. Go swimming. Many senior centers and fitness facilities offer water aerobics classes specifically designed for seniors. Water naturally reduces excessive heat and the water’s buoyancy makes it easy for seniors to move.
  13. Get them in on the video craze. Seniors are getting more interested in electronic games, in particular Wii Bowling. There are even Wii Bowling leagues and tournaments just for senior citizens. This way they don’t have to lug around a heavy ball.
  14. Take in a movie, especially on a hot afternoon when the prices are lower and the air conditioning feels great!
  15. Set a goal to learn something new together…it is great for the brain! Take an art class or watch a cooking show and get busy in the kitchen … together.
  16. Go “mall walking”. Many malls offer early hours when the mall is open specifically for walkers, but you can also go stroll around any time if you don’t mind the shoppers.

The main thing is to have fun and keep seniors safe!

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