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Winter Safety

winter seniorsWell, it’s certain that winter is here and in most states across the country, we have the weather to prove it! Along with freezing temps come snow and icy walkways, which can be extremely dangerous for our elderly friends and family members. Though falls can and do happen in the home as well, it’s important to be extra careful outdoors this time of year. Here are a few tips for fall prevention:

It’s shoe time! Make sure footwear is suitable for winter weather. Check the traction and fit. Consider anti-slip overshoes or use non-slip treads on your existing shoes. Also, lined boots with good traction will keep you safe and warm.

The salt of the Earth. It’s important to keep salt inside your house so that you can sprinkle it on walkways without having to risk a fall outside to get it. Make sure the sidewalk, driveway, front walk and front step are salted.

Hold on for dear life. Take advantage of railings and loved one’s elbows when offered. This will keep you more stable as you make your way up and down stairs. Don’t be afraid to ask for an elbow when it’s needed, better safe than sorry!

Slow your roll. Hurrying when leaving your home, getting on and off the bus, crossing the street or unloading your car can put you at risk of falling. Take your time and pay attention to steps, curbs, ramps and patches of ice.

Strengthen your legs. Exercise is one of the most important things you can do for fall prevention. Simple moves done in the home, even from a sitting position, will help build muscle and keep you steadier so you don’t lose your balance.

Stay warm and have a great weekend!

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