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Are you physically able to be your parents’ caregiver?

I stumbled upon an article today on the Maturity Matters blog that raised a very poignant question: Are you physically able to be your parents’ caregiver? With the boomer population rapidly increasing and the desire to age in place greater than ever, it’s no surprise many of us will inevitably start taking care of our parents. As anyone in the home care industry can attest, the job of caregiver is — albeit filled with love — also a frustrating, exhausting, emotional, sometimes boring and often lonely experience. What can caregivers do to keep themselves in shape for this kind of work? Blogger Stan Cohen says it’s important to step back and ask yourself the following questions:

• Do you stretch at night and morning to loosen up?
• Are you exercising to burn off the stress that can have a negative impact on your body?
• Do you follow a diet or nutritional guidelines to ensure your system stays healthy and functions properly?
• Do you drink enough fluids and keep hydrated throughout the day?

Cohen encourages future caregivers to take a step back and assess the tasks and responsibilities involved in caring for an elderly parent and how to best prepare.

If you find you might not be able to undertake all the responsibilities due to your own physical health reasons, enlisting the services of a professional caregiver like the ones offered through FirstLight, is a great way to ensure your elderly loved one’s safety.

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