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FirstLight in the news! Gina Kaurich shares her tips on hiring a caregiver

Anyone who has had to find an in-home caregiver for an aging parent or relative can attest to the difficulty in finding someone trustworthy, qualified and responsible enough to provide care for a loved one. Gina Kaurich, FirstLight Home Care’s executive director of client care services, was recently interviewed by FamilyGoesStrong.com about things to consider when looking for a caregiver. One of Gina’s suggestions was to try a “share-care” with other family members. This is what she and her in-laws did with her mother-in-law Martha who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

According to Gina, you should ask yourself how much time you’re available to care for your family member—in her case, both her and her husband worked full-time and eventually enlisted in a FirstLight caregiver to help out with Martha.

Making the decision to hire a caregiver is never easy but to read more about Gina’s tips, check out the full article on FamilyGoesStrong.com.

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