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Working Later In Life

This year there are over seven million workers aged 65 and older. Just 15 years ago, that number was half of what it is today. With a struggling economy, many workers are losing their jobs close to retirement age and looking for new careers to start later in life. Other reasons for postponing retirement range far and wide, but include people who aren’t emotionally ready for retirement, those who feel an economic responsibility to contribute, longer and healthier life spans, or financial concerns.

An increasing number of older workers are also part of the “sandwich generation,” providing care for their kids and aging parents. This financial stress pushes some older workers to take second jobs, work later in life or to start their own businesses to maintain some scheduling freedom for family and hobbies.

Some positions people are looking at during these later-in-life transitions include:

  • Retail jobs
  • Opening a franchise
  • Freelance positions
  • Hobbies turned professions
  • Volunteer positions using past professional skills

One option for older workers is entrepreneurship in the form of franchising. Many older workers enjoy the flexibility of running their own businesses and choosing a concept that they enjoy. Here at FirstLight Home Care, several of our franchisees are approaching or past traditional retirement age.

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