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Travel Companion for Seniors

Can you believe it? Summer is almost here, which means vacations and family visits are on everyone’s minds.  If you or a loved one are desiring to travel this summer but are uneasy about making the trip alone, we completely understand, as traveling can be hectic to everyone these days. At FirstLight Home Care we offer a special service called our, “Travel Companion Program.”

Our “Travel Companion Program” is designed specifically for clients in need of travel assistance. Whether they are traveling nationally or internationally makes no difference. Our travel companions are here to help you or your loved one travel safely and as stress free as possible. Maybe you are going on vacation but hate to even think about dealing with the hustle and bustle of airports, security, customs, boarding, or even layovers.  Or perhaps you wish to attend and enjoy a friend or family’s graduation, wedding, a family reunion or holiday. That’s okay- we can guide you or your loved one through all of those obstacles, making it easier to travel and putting your mind at ease.

Along with helping you arrive at your destination, we can also assist you with personal needs like bathing, feeding, hygiene, medication reminders, dressing and much more. We are able to get you safely to and from your destination, assisting you with every step along the way, making your stay even more care free, as well as guaranteeing to both you and your loved ones that traveling shouldn’t be a concern.

Our 2013 Travel Companion rates vary from an hourly rate to a monthly rate. For more information on our Travel Companion Program or more details about our rates, please visit our “Request More Information” form and a FirstLight Home Care representative will answer you shortly. Or, you can give us a call at 866.985.4031.

Happy summer and safe travels!

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