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Make Every Day a fabulous Father’s Day

Father’s Day 2014 may be over but can’t we keep it alive each and every day. While searching the web for smart men talking about being a great day, we found Carey Casey, CEO of the National Center for Fathering. We’re now big fans.

Mr. Casey wrote the following blog earlier this month and we thought it was worthy to share because he was spot on. The National Center for Fathering has a father-training program that looks very rewarding and his ideas for how to make every day like Father’s Day. His tips are simple and easy for all of us to apply.

  1. He said that every day can be like Father’s Day: No he’s not suggesting asking for gifts and special treatment every day but instead, he wants to challenge dads to take whatever positive thoughts and motivations come to you on Father’s Day, and renew them every day.
  2. One of our favorite tips was that Mr. Casey said: “It is the awesome privilege to be a dad and granddad and that you should try to soak up every minute that you get to spend with your kids and grandkids.” We agree. In our line of work for caring for the elderly and those in need, we find some of the most life-changing times for us is when we watch our clients engage and interact with their family members. We can see how much it means to everyone involved and how we need to do this every day and every time we be with family.
  3. The reality check message in Mr. Casey’s blog entry had to do with the challenging and hard times of being a father. When asked are there challenges and hard times when being a father? “Of course. But you should really try to turn the atmosphere positive with family and be a force for good things in their lives.” We agree.

We love the ideas behind having the essence of Father’s Day be pulled in to every day of the year and we hope all dads (and moms…hello, Mother’s Day was just last month) take on this challenge to make this simple, but life-changing commitment, to do your best for your children every day. To learn more about the National Center for Fathering we encourage you to check out their website. If you have great tips about being a better father, send us your thoughts at info@firstlighthomecare.com

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