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Best Senior Gifts

Best Gifts for Elderly Parents or Neighbors

If you have aging parents or are neighbors to an elderly couple and you are going to give them something for the holidays, maybe you’re not sure. May we suggest the following gift ideas?

  • Create a coupon book. Make a fun, personalized coupon book with services to help them care for them home. For example: One Free Snow Removal of Driveway, Walkway, and Sidewalk. Or, a coupon for a free ride to the grocery store. Or, free raking of their leaves.
  • Handmade is all the rage. If you have creative, sewing, or cooking skills, use them this holiday season to create something special and just for them.
  • Give them your time. Take them to dinner or make them dinner. Put down all the devices and distractions and “be present”. That would be the best gift of all.
  • Parents with hearing issues: You may want to consider giving them an amplified telephone that has an adjustable volume control, hearing aid compatibility, and a powerful speaker.
  • Headset for listening to the TV: If your parents have the volume up on their TV and you’re trying to talk to someone else – it can be difficult. Get them a headset that will allow them to adjust the volume and tone desired without disturbing other people in the room.
  • Magnifier for parent who have vision issues: No, we’re not talking about them looking like Sherlock Holmes. Magnifiers and/or penlights are way more sophisticated. They come in a wide variety of brands and types and are available for TV magnifying, lamp magnifying, and pocket magnifying to help them read small labels and print.

Whatever you plan or give this holiday season we know it is going to be something special.

Happy Holidays from all of us at FirstLight Home Care.

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