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What is Respite Care and Why is it Needed?

Caregiving is a full-time job, and respite care is the means to provide relief for the caregiver. It is an ideal solution to give busy and often overstressed family caregivers the opportunity to relax, decompress, and re-energize while their loved one – an elderly parent, a family member living with a disability or a loved one recovering from recent surgery – continues to receive the care they need.

Respite care is important for the health and well-being of the family caregiver to ensure that they can continue to Why caregivers need respite careprovide care for their loved one. Respite care includes a variety of services such as home-based care, skilled nursing, dementia care, and companion care. A FirstLight Home Care caregiver can help with everything from physical tasks to errands, meal preparation, senior transportation and more.

Respite care for the caregiver is more important than you think. Here are four compelling reasons for the family caregiver to take a break.

  1. Stress is hazardous to your health. Stress can cause several serious health problems. If you’re too stressed for too long, it can contribute to a weakened immune system as you age and an increased risk of heart disease. Time away from your 24/7 caregiving role also will allow for personal time for you to keep your own family and life organized.
  2. Isolation is a big problem. We often hear about the harmful effects of isolation and loneliness for aging seniors. However, social isolation can be a big problem for family caregivers as well. It’s important to make social activity part of your daily routine and stay connected with your friends and family on a regular basis.
  3. Your loved ones will thank you. Caregivers typically have less time for personal relationships as a result of their caregiving duties. Respite care enables caregivers to spend more time with their spouses, children, relatives, and friends who may sometimes feel ignored.
  4. Time away will help you provide better care. Extended periods of time away from your caregiving role can give you a renewed energy, a fresh perspective and sense of self.

And, please remember this: You should never feel guilty for wanting a break. Every caregiver needs ones. Stepping away for a few hours – or even a couple days here and there – to care for yourself will make you a better caregiver. Don’t forget, hiring a professional respite care provider can help support you while allowing your loved one to be cared for in a familiar environment, comfortable surroundings, and in their daily routine.

If you need caregiving support for the loved one in your care, we can help. Contact FirstLight Home Care today.

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5 responses to “What is Respite Care and Why is it Needed?”

  1. During the respite care period, your loved one obtains care from a professional in-home care service. You can relax and rejuvenate, knowing your loved one is receiving exceptional care — and that once their time in respite care is over, you’ll be prepared to resume your regular caregiving routine. Thanks for sharing this great content loaded with fruitful information with us.

  2. I think you made a great point that isolation and loneliness are harmful especially for seniors. My mother is staying alone now that my father passed away in early March. I was worried that staying alone will be bad for her as she has Parkinson’s but she wouldn’t move in with us. I will definitely consider respite care for her as an option since I am worried about her taking care of herself at home alone.

  3. It’s good to know that respite care can help with skilled nursing and dementia care. My mom has dementia but she wants to stay at home. I think it would nice to have a care service for her to help while she is here.

  4. I agree that isolation is a big problem. No one wants to be alone. So caregivers come in handy during this time.

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