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Keep Seniors Active During COVID-19

Caregiving during COVID-19 has been a challenge both for family caregivers and for their loved ones.

Social isolation and loneliness have played a big part in these challenges as isolating during the pandemic has hit the elderly population especially hard.keep seniors active during covid-19

Isolation for those over the age of 60 has serious medical and psychological effects and can lead to depression, heart disease, anxiety and cognitive decline. Another factor that adds to these issues is chronic loneliness because more and more seniors live alone.

But caregivers can keep seniors active and engaged during COVID-19 without putting them at risk:

  • Cheer them up by visiting to give them a care package
  • Set them up for video chatting
  • Help them engage and connect on social media
  • Get them outdoors

Continue reading on Seniors Lifestyle Magazine for ways to safely keep your senior loved one active during COVID-19.

This is an original article FirstLight Home Care wrote for Seniors Lifestyle Magazine. It was published on their website September 18, 2020. You can read the complete article here: Caregivers Can Increase Senior Activities During COVID-19 While Remaining Safe.

We are proud to CHAMPION the family caregiver, offering empathy, advice, and support for those who provide countless hours of care to their loved ones. At FirstLight Home Care we want to provide a helping hand, relieve some of the stress that comes with caregiving and give you back a few hours in your overwhelmingly busy day.

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