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5 Great Senior Activities

Keeping busy can be a difficult task for aging adults.  Our entire lives have been run by schedules, whether it be homework as a kid or real work as an adult.  As aging adults enter the next chapter of their lives, they find themselves with more free time than they have experienced in a long time, and this leads to boredom, decreasing health, and lack of daily enjoyment.  In order to make sure your parents are maintaining a fulfilled life, introduce some activities in their lives.  Below we have listed 5 great activities that will not only help keep aging adults happy, but it can benefit their cognitive ability and overall health as well.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are a great activity for aging adults because they are fun, challenging, and help maintain their cognitive ability.  Plus, they can be done over a long period of time making them ideal to come back to whenever they feel up to it.  Building puzzles are great for family visits since they let everyone work together and allow for fun conversation.  Furthermore, the feeling of putting in the final piece and completing the puzzle is a nice reward that gives a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.


Bingo is a great activity for aging adults because it doesn’t require too much effort but the reward is huge. Whether they win or not, spending time with other individuals and getting out of the house does wonders for people’s moods.  Bingo is a hotspot for friendly conversation and is a great way to meet new people with similar tastes…and there is nothing quite like yelling BINGO when you win!

Family Events

Throughout the year, there are plenty of family events that you will participate in, such as bowling, lunches, or any other activity that brings everyone together.  Make sure your parents stay involved in these activities, especially when they begin to not want to leave their homes as much.  These activities will help by keeping them active, getting them out of the house, and keeping them in touch with their loved ones. Even if they don’t think they can participate in events like bowling because they think its too physically demanding, suggest that they come and watch anyway.  They will still receive all the benefits of conversing with loved ones and getting out of the house.

Sports/Movie Nights

If your parents are sports fans, invite them to watch the game at your house.  Watching sports isn’t physically demanding and it gives them an opportunity to watch and discuss what they have always loved.  Not sports fans? Show a movie at your house instead.  End the night with some quality conversation about the game or movie and it will be a night you and your parents will both enjoy.

Sunday Drives

Sometimes the best thing you can do is drive your parents around on a leisure drive.  This will get them out of the house and let them see the city around them without the physical demands of walking.  Drive by old homes, schools, and favorite places for great memories and stimulating conversation.  Better yet, offer to take them grocery shopping or any other errand runs. It will be a great help to them and will make these trips more enjoyable.

Bonus: Books

Make sure your parents have a selection of books on hand to read.  Books are a great way to keep aging adults’ minds sharp and are easy to pick up and put down at their own leisure.

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