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6 Unusual Ways to Beat the Heat

Sometimes the summer heat can be unbearable. But, what do you do when you’ve tried everything to cool off? Try something new!

6 Unusual Ways to Beat the Heat

1. Eat to sweat. Some of the hottest places in the world have some of the spiciest, hottest cuisines. So, this summer, take a cue from these cultures. Incorporate spicy foods into your summer diet. While eating spicy foods, your internal temperature rises, your blood circulation increases and you begin sweating. Once the sweat evaporates, your body has cooled off.

2. Stay cool while sleeping. It is often difficult for people to sleep when the weather is hot. Put away the down and latex pillows and choose a cooler, more absorbent option to keep your head cool. If your sheets are too warm to sleep on, throw them in a plastic bag and in the freezer for a few hours before you go to bed.

3. Eat smaller meals. When you eat large meals, your body’s metabolism kicks it into overdrive to digest the meal, which heats your body. To avoid feeling hot after eating a meal, break your summer food intake into smaller meals eaten more frequently throughout the day.

4. Escape through reading. Spend the hot summer days reading a book set in the winter. Reading about the snow and cold temperatures will take your mind off of the rising thermometer. It also lets your mind think of your experiences with snow and ice, distracting you from the summer heat.

5. Treat yourself with cooling snacks. Be sure to stock up on your favorite cooling treats. Ice cream, popsicles and other flavored ice treats are perfect for the summer. You can also make your own frozen treats by freezing a bag of your favorite fruit like watermelon, pineapple, lemons and grapes.

6. Cool your pulse point. Chilling your pulse points can be done by simply running cold water over your wrists. You can also splash water on your face and temples to cool yourself down. And, don’t forget about drinking cold water—this not only cools you down but also helps you to remain hydrated.

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