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7 Activities You Can Do With A Parent This Summer

Summer is a fun and exciting time—the sun is out, the kids are out of school and the days are longer. But, sometimes the summer heat and humidity can be overwhelming, making it hard to spend extended amounts of time outdoors. So, how can you and your family enjoy the summer with your aging parent without having to brave the extreme heat? Try one of these fun summer activities:

Attend an outdoor concert.

This is an extremely popular activity in the summer. Outdoor concerts usually take place later in the evenings when the heat and humidity have died down for the day. Concerts can be a fun way to get your parent out of the house to enjoy the weather without having to deal with the extreme summer sun.7 Activities You Can Do With A Parent This Summer

Join a book club.

Book clubs are the perfect summer afternoon activity. Spend time with friends or neighbors indoors in the air conditioning, discussing a new book. Not only does this give you and your parent something to do on meeting days, but it also gives you a good book to read throughout the week before your club meets.

Visit a museum or other local attraction.

On days that your parent wants to get out of the house but doesn’t want to deal with the heat, head to a museum or local attraction. Often, these venues are air conditioned and provide a fun and potentially educational day trip.

Volunteer in the community.

Summer is full of community events. Volunteer together at your church’s Vacation Bible School, the community’s summer festival, the county fair or even somewhere like the local public library.

Organize their house.

Take advantage of the air conditioning in your parent’s home by organizing your belongings. Tackle some of the projects that they have been putting off for a rainy day. Hot summer days may leave your parent stuck inside, so use that time to do something productive.

Start gardening.

Mornings and evenings are the perfect time to be outside in the summer heat. It’s not too hot and it gives you and your parent the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air. Plant a small garden or fill window boxes with flowers, vegetables or herbs.

Go out for ice cream.

Who doesn’t enjoy a delicious ice cream cone on a hot and humid day? Make a quick trip out with your parent and family for a refreshingly cool treat!

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