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The Art of Letter Writing

Letter writing is an almost lost skill and all of us living in our digital-centric world are missing out on the beauty of a handwritten letter and the Mailbox joy of finding something personal in your mailbox. We can change that, December 7th is Letter Writing Day. We’re encouraging everyone to take a few minutes and send someone a hand written letter.

By going through the process of writing a letter and physically committing words to a paper, it shows your investment of time and effort in a relationship. It can be a very meaningful experience for you – but you have no idea the impact your words will have on the person opening your letter. It will change their day. It will make them feel special. It will give them a bond to you whether you’re just down the street or across the country.

The letter you write does not have to be something elaborate or witty, or for that matter, long. Just something from the heart. Use college-rule paper or a funny card, or a postcard and jot down a simple note that you’re thinking of them.

In a time when many people may feel disconnected, this process of writing a letter can change that. We hope you’ll join us on December 7th (and months thereafter) to send a letter to those you know and love.

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