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Become a Professional Caregiver: Family Caregivers Find Careers that Matter

If you’re a family caregiver, it’s a role you likely never expected to have. However, more than one in five Americans are caregivers just like you – helping a sick or aging family members. So, you’re certainly not alone. While the experience can be challenging and emotional, many family caregivers find it rewarding as well. If you’re one of them and would like to turn your abilities and experience into a career as a professional caregiver, FirstLight® Home Care can help.

We offer a range of professional caregiving opportunities for individuals like you who want a meaningful career. Some of these positions include:

  • Home Health Aides
  • CNAs
  • Care Coordinators
  • Companion Care and Personal Care Assistants

Even if you’ve never worked professionally as a caregiver, we’ll train you thoroughly and match you with clients who are an ideal fit.

At FirstLight Home Care, we are always looking to hire those who want to enrich the lives of others. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, here are some of the ways you’ll be able to help other families as a professional caregiver.

Our Professional Caregivers Provide Respite Care

One of the primary ways our caregivers help families is through respite care. Perhaps, in the past, you had a caregiver who provided you and your family with relief so you could step away for a bit while knowing your loved one was in capable hands.

As a professional caregiver, you can be that person for another family, offering their loved one practical assistance at home, as well as emotional and social support to improve their quality of life.

Our Professional Caregivers Provide Personal Care

When a loved one requires help with bathing and dressing, as well as personal hygiene, you may know from personal experience that it can be awkward for a family caregiver to handle these needs.

When you’re providing care at a professional level, you’ll be able to help an individual, whether they’re elderly, disabled or recovering, to ensure they’re safe and comfortable. You can also assist those with mobility issues, whether it’s going up and down stairs, getting into or out of bed or moving around the home. Meanwhile, you’ll give their family peace of mind knowing you’re watching closely and can help whenever needed.

Our Professional Caregivers Provide Companion Care

Family caregivers are often focused on the physical needs of their loved one. Yet, those who are older or disabled need social and emotional support too. Some of the ways our professional caregivers provide this support are through sitting and talking with their clients, assisting with getting out of the house to shop, eat out, or visit with friends, or participating in recreational activities. When you work at FirstLight Home Care, you’ll be providing this kind of companion care to an individual, so they have a trusted confidant and friend to turn to.

Our Professional Caregivers Provide Specialized Care

If an individual has dementia or Alzheimer’s, it requires a compassionate, knowledgeable and dedicated person to care for them. If you’ve cared for your own loved one with these or other chronic, debilitating conditions, then you know it’s a painful journey. However, you may also know that the right caregiver can make a world of difference in the life of the individual and their whole family.

Professional Caregiver Jobs at FirstLight Home Care: We’re Hiring!

Whether you’re currently caring for a loved one or have in the past, a career as a professional care provider can help you put your skills and experience to use. You’ll be able to offer individuals the kindness and respect you’d want for your loved one. At the same time, you can make their life easier by helping around the house in many ways – such as with meal preparation and light housekeeping – all while ensuring they’re safe and comfortable.

It takes a special kind of person to be a caregiver. If you are or have been a family caregiver and would like to build a career in this field, FirstLight Home Care offers rewarding and meaningful jobs as a professional caregiver. We also provide the industry’s best training, so you feel comfortable and confident walking into that first client’s home.

In addition, our culture is one that values our caregivers. We believe deeply in client happiness, as well as caregiver satisfaction. It’s why we offer a fun and engaging culture in which to work, one that offers competitive pay and opportunities for advancement.

Are you interested in finding a job as a professional caregiver? Contact your local FirstLight Home Care today to learn more about the openings available in your area.

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