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Care for Aging Parents – Best Foods to Eat

When you are younger, it’s not as hard on your body to eat an unbalanced or unhealthy diet, (Oh, to be young again).  Unfortunately, the more we age, the more crucial it is to eat a healthy, balanced diet on a regular basis. Focusing on the senior population specifically, it is even more essential for seniors to eat a well-balanced diet.  There are certain foods seniors should eat regularly that can benefit them greatly during the aging process:

  • Calcium and Vitamin D – Calcium is crucial to bone growth, strength and overall health. Strong and healthy bones can help prevent falling and injuries from falling. Consuming Calcium and Vitamin D on a daily, balanced basis can prevent Osteoporosis. Foods high in Calcium and Vitamin D are dairy products, spinach, soybeans, orange juice, oatmeal, and cereal. These are only a few options; there are plenty of other foods to boost Calcium and Vitamin D intake.
  • Water – The aging process can have a strange affect on us. As we age, our body doesn’t always recognize if we are thirsty, which means staying hydrated can be a
    bigger challenge than anticipated. Making sure to drink plenty of water is extremely important!
  • Fruits and Veggies – It may seem like a no-brainer, but fruits and veggies are
    full of nutrients that fight against bad toxins in the body, and they also help to build and maintain a strong immune system.
  • Protein – Beans, eggs, peanuts, or various assorted nuts, fish, milk and cheese, (to name a few), all provide protein which aids in mind and memory health, maintaining bone density and muscle, as well as physical strength.

When you’re providing care for an aging parent or loved one, remember that it is just as important for you to eat healthy on a daily basis as it is for your loved one.  Making sure you both are eating the best foods ensures that you are able to provide and care for them to your fullest ability, which in turn allows your loved one to be healthy and happy as well.

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