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Cruisin’ in the fast lane

A recent video news clip from Philadelphia’s NBC affiliate shows a 68-year old woman driving the wrong way down a major express way—putting her life as well as many others on the road at stake. Unfortunately, this scenario and other related accidents occur daily as many seniors encounter driving difficulties as they age. According to AAA, 86 percent of respondents to a recent survey said they were “concerned” about their elderly parent’s ability to drive.

Assessing an older adult’s driving skills and deciding whether or not to take the keys away is a very hard decision. There are many factors related to aging that affect a senior’s driving skills; vision, hearing, quick decision making, reaction time and medication all impact how well a senior can navigate on the road. is an informative and resourceful site for people who are worried about their elderly driver. The site includes great tips on the following: early planning tips, communication advice for when to have the conversation about giving up the keys, how to assess a senior’s skills on the road, choosing the right vehicle for your elderly loved one and how to know when to take the keys away for good.

Remember, although it may be hard to take away your parent’s or elderly family members’ drivers license, it is much better than the alternative of having someone get hurt.

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