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Embracing Old Man Winter

The last few leaves on your tree are about to fall. Gray skies have taken over. Winter is approaching fast. Unless you plan on heading south forOld Man Winter the next 5 months to avoid the cold, you need to get prepared. Winter can be a challenge, so you need to find the bright side. We’ve put together a list of things you can do to embrace old man winter and make the most of it.

  • Make a bird/squirrel feeder. Snow, frozen ground, and lack of vegetation makes it hard for wildlife to find food. Make simple feeders out of peanut butter and seed to hang from the trees. Place it near a window where you can watch them enjoy the feeder you made.
  • Plan a game night. Winter’s cold nights keep us indoors. Invite your family, friends, or neighbors to come over and sit around the table and do something together that is fun.
  • Cook something new. Go through all the recipes you told yourself “you’re going to make one day” and make one of them. Plan to do this each week and invite someone new each time to join you in the fun. Make enough for the meal that night, but also for meals later in the week.
  • Movie night. Go to your local library and pick out a few movies that you’ve always wanted to see – or even those that you’ve seen many times. Get the blankets out, find the best spot on the couch, and watch your movies.
  • Write a letter. Get out your paper and pen and write a letter to or call someone you have not been in touch with for a while. Let them know what you miss about them or share a precious memory.
  • Get outdoors. Check out what’s happening at your local museum, art center, senior center, or concert hall and plan to attend. Dress warm and sensible, including non-skid boots and you’ll be set for any local outing.

How will you embrace this winter? Share your comments below or join the conversation over on Facebook.

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