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Finding the Right In-Home Caregiver

In November, we celebrate National Home Care Month and National Family Caregivers Month, two observances that are core to FirstLight Home Care. Throughout the month, our FirstLight blog will focus on providing the tools, tips, resources and peace of mind so many family caregivers need. The first step is finding the right in-home caregiver. We invite you to comment and share the challenges and rewarding experiences you’ve encountered throughout your caregiving journey.

Home care can be a lifeline for seniors who are aging in place, as well as those living with a disability or recovering from an illness or injury. Finding the right in-home caregiver can seem like a daunting task. It can be difficult knowing where to begin and what to look for when it comes to choosing the right caregiving partner for you or your loved one.

Essential to any home care partnership is the caregiver. Here are some important factors to consider to ensure you hire the right in-home caregiver:

Expertise and credibility.  It takes a special kind of person to be an exceptional caregiver – compassion, empathy, optimism, sincerity, trustworthiness. But the best caregivers also are qualified, experienced and reliable.

Find a provider that has years of experience in the home care industry.

Look for providers who have a thorough process for recruiting, selecting and retaining their caregivers.

Make sure all caregivers that are hired receive an in-depth background check and other appropriate employment screenings.

Your home care partner should also secure and uphold the appropriate state licensing to provide services.

Ongoing caregiver training. Select a partner that values ongoing and rigorous caregiver training and that has a well-defined process for managing quality of care. The right in-home caregiver will be trained in privacy issues to protect the confidentiality and safety of clients. The best caregivers are those who participate in continuing education.

Client-caregiver fit. Each person is unique. Look for a home care partner that is committed to matching the caregiver to the specific interests and needs of the unique individual being cared for. The most successful client-caregiver relationships are fostered when the caregiver is a good fit for the style, temperament, needs, interests and personality of the client.

Communication with the family. It’s common for individuals who need assistance to have a family member or other loved involved in their care. The right in-home caregiver will engage the family in the ongoing care plan of the individual. Transparency also is key. Families should have complete access to tools that monitor their loved ones’ schedule and communicate with caregivers daily.

Commitment to client satisfaction. The best home care providers are those that continually assess the quality of care their caregivers are delivering. This includes:

  • Regular check-ins with clients to ensure safety and quality standards are being met.
  • Resolving issues in a timely, thorough and caring manner.
  • Offering clients the opportunity to participate in surveys and to provide feedback

If you believe that hiring a caregiver would provide a needed lifeline for you or a loved one, FirstLight Home Care offers a broad range of non-medical home care services. With locations in more than 150 markets across the United States, we can help you or your loved one achieve and maintain independence in whatever place you call home. And with an unmatched Culture of Care, we can also help enhance quality of life. Find a FirstLight location today to request a free consultation.

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