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Five Tips for Long Distance Caregiving

Caring for a loved one that lives locally can be stressful, yet caring for one that is long distance can extenuate the circumstances immensely.  There are a number of responsibilities in both situations, and in a long distance situation it is imperative that you
feel comfortable delegating some of these responsibilities to others.  With that said, it is necessary for you to embrace communication among the family and those that are able to help locally.  Each family has unique situations, and something that works for one family may not work for others.  We have provided five tips that may be helpful during the care giving process.


  1. Research your loved ones treatment.  Locally or long distance, this is important.  As distance becomes greater, it requires you to delegate out care for your loved one, make sure to understand the treatment they need so that it is reliably communicated to those helping locally.
  1. Plan for an emergency.  It is one thing if you are a phone call away, but if this isn’t possible, make sure you have an emergency plan in place and that all involved know about it.  Make sure to have a list of emergency numbers easily accessible to your loved one in need and provide step-by-step instructions.  The more everyone knows, the better an emergency situation will end.
  2. Have confidence and trust in those helping.  The best people to “take your place” are other loved ones around the person being cared for.  Don’t be afraid to ask them for help. If it is necessary for you to seek out local care services, take time to find ones that fit their needs as well as yours, and that you feel comfortable with.
  3. Communication with your loved one is key.  It would be wise to keep constant communication with your loved one whom you are caring for.  A daily conversation, even if for a short minute, is safe, and a good way to keep informed as to how they are feeling and if their needs have changed.
  4. Do not take financial responsibility on by yourself.  Make sure to find someone, most likely a financial advisor, who can help your loved one with his or her financial needs. Monetary arguments, too many times, can get in the middle of valued family relationships.  Allow you to focus on their health and leave finances to experienced professionals.

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