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How Can I Age Healthier?

It’s September. That means that this month is Healthy Aging Month, designed to help promote the positive aspects of growing older. Healthy Aging Month encourages individuals to take responsibility for their own physical, mental, social and financial health. Health is extremely important at any stage in life, but becomes even more essential as you begin to age. So, what can you do to take advantage of Healthy Aging Month?

Head back to school. You are never done learning and, what better way to improve your mental health than expanding your knowledge? Take courses at a local college or university; you may not even have to attend class with the addition of many online courses.

Do something physical. Many older adults think that exercise has to be boring and done in a gym. But, they’re wrong! Activities like dancing, swimming, golfing and walking are all excellent options for low-impact physical exercise to increase oxygen to the brain and to get your heart pumping.

How Can I Age Healthier?

Get out of town. Take some time to plan a trip to somewhere you’ve never been before. Traveling is a great way to revitalize your mental health and also allows you to go to new places and learn new things. Immerse yourself in a new culture and get away for a while.

Figure out finances. Make an appointment with a financial advisor to review your financials. Go over your current finances and talk about your long-term monetary goals. This is the perfect time to go back through your investments and possibly make some changes.

Find your passion. This month is about revitalization. Reconnect with a hobby or activity that you used to really
Healthy Aging Month is a month of motivation for seniors to go above and beyond to improve all aspects of their health. How will you be celebrating Healthy Aging Month this September? enjoy or start something completely new. Find something that you are passionate about and you will be motivated to achieve any goals you have for yourself.

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