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How far would you go to help someone in need?

A touching story hit the media this week about a 101-year old woman in Detroit who was evicted from her home by a HUD foreclosure in September. Sadly, the elderly woman, Texana Hollis, was left outside in her wheelchair with her few belongings in a trash receptacle. Hollis has since been living with a long-time friend but news of the eviction travelled quickly. Concerned community members have started a fund for her and donations are pouring in. A contracting company is even building a wheelchair ramp for Hollis where she is currently staying.

Unfortunately, Hollis’ scenario happens all too often within the senior community. Some studies have reported that up to 20 percent of seniors live on an average income of $7500 a year and with rising healthcare and long-term care costs, this leaves many elderly in a disadvantageous position.

Mark Onderko, owner of FirstLight Home Care in Austin, Texas, recently dealt with a similar situation with a senior client who was essentially abandoned by her family after being discharged from a local nursing home. Mark compassionately provided this woman with the help that she desperately needed, free of charge. This exemplifies how FirstLight owners serve and make a difference in their community every day.

It’s reassuring to know that amidst the negative news we are bombarded with every day, there are still people eager to do the right thing and lend a helping hand.

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