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How to Provide Care for the Caregiver

As a caregiver, you balance a busy schedule. Between work, family and caring for a senior or loved one, sometimes you find it difficult to make time for yourself. But finding time to do so can make all the difference in your work—just ask the experts at, a great web resource that offers tips on how you can help parents and seniors in all aspects of their lives. This week I came across an interesting article discussing the topic of “me” time. Where does “me” time fit into caregiving? In quite a few places, actually. Those who make time for themselves within their busy routines will have more energy and are better able to endure the stress and emotional pressure that caregiving can present. Most importantly, “me” time allows them to be more reliable to those who depend on their care.

How can you find ways to feel like yourself again and deliver the highest level of care to your senior or loved one? Consider these helpful tips when making time for yourself.

Get It In Writing: By scheduling personal time into your daily routine, you have less of chance to put on the backburner. Carving out a small slot of time earlier in the day will give you the boost you need to carry you through your afternoon. And don’t include routine chores, such as housekeeping or paying bills, as personal time. Take the time to relax and do something you enjoy.

Just Say “No”: The best way to manage your time is to provide a cushion that allows you some breathing room. Sometimes that means saying no to requests that aren’t pressing. Even if you are a “yes” person by nature, the more you bow out of a request in the interest of time management, the easier it becomes the next time. By doing so, you are allowing yourself to put your best efforts forward for providing personal care.

Create a Personal Space: Creating your own personal space—be it a room, desk or backyard area—will allow you the freedom to retreat when you are overwhelmed, emotionally or physically. Make sure the space makes you feel calm and collected. It can also be a meditative space where you can write down some of the issues that may be challenging you, which is a fantastic way to work through any impeding stress.

Buy Time: Never underestimate the power of outsourcing. Spending a little bit of money can buy you time, whether it means hiring a biweekly cleaning service or a grocery delivery service. By doing so, you will create personal time for yourself. The additional free time will be worth the additional expense.

Above all, a rested mind and soul will allow you to provide the highest level of care for your loved one, which is what FirstLight Home Care is all about.

For more “me time” tips, read the full article here.

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