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How To Work With The Nursing Home Caring for Your Elderly Parent

Taking the step to move your parents to a nursing home is very much like sending your
child to the first day of school.  There are mixed emotions, as you are so excited for your loved one to be cared for by professionals, the worry of losing control also sets in.  More importantly, the worry of your loved ones safety is always a concern and rightfully so.

Once you have decided on a place fit for your parents’ needs, it is important to stay
involved in their care but to also begin to trust those tending to your  parents.  Most nursing homes are open to family involvement and encourage family to come around often.  Constant conversation and familiar faces aid  in good health in your elders. Listed below are a few valuable topics that are  of utmost importance when working with those caring for your parents.

  1.  Communication.  This is quite possibly the most important topic.  It is imperative that communication happens in both directions between the nursing home and you.  No one knows your parents and their needs as well as you do.  On the other hand, nursing home professionals have been trained to provide proper geriatric care and treatment.  With that said, working together and keeping lines of communication open will help implement proper intervention.  Don’t be afraid to voice your concerns.  Most nursing homes embrace feedback from families, and it will also give you a sense of teamwork.
  2. Praise. This may be one of the harder topics to deliver.  As your parents age,
    it can be a stressful time.  It is sad to see them weak and difficult not knowing what to do to make them comfortable.  Remember, during those difficult times, nursing home professionals are working around the clock to provide your parents with the care they need. The relationship between you and the nursing home will be a better one if you make it apparent that you appreciate all they do.  A thank you and nice gestures go a long way and that positive atmosphere will better the lives of your parents.
  3. Play a Role.  It is important to play an important role in your parents care…without overstepping your boundaries.  During communication, find out what is best for your parents during this time of need and when it is time to let go and let the nursing home do their job.  Take the time to create a plan of your involvement and seek the advice of the professionals around you.

Most likely, you have learned of the nursing home’s programs and philosophies prior
to choosing this certain place.  However, it is important to meet with nursing home individuals to go over, once again, your parents’ care.  This is also the perfect time to ask as many questions as you may have.

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