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Moving Your Elderly Parents

Moving is one of the most stressful events a person will experience in their lifetime. Going to a new home at any stage in life is not an easy decision and it can be extremely emotional. When it’s an elderly parent, that can bring even more challenges.

Whether you are moving your elderly parents into a new home, a senior living community, or having them live with you, the entire process can be overwhelming. This is especially true for their adult children, as any of the major decisions will fall on them. Of course, everyone involved in a loved one’s care wants to ensure the transition goes smoothly!

There are countless things to consider before moving elderly parents for senior home care. But it all starts with having the conversation. And the timing of that talk is critical.

So, before you jump in, think about how you will handle that discussion. Remember to be sensitive to your parent’s feelings. They can have a lot of anxiety about any kind of change, and relocating for caregiving services is a big deal!

Do your research, especially if you are moving parents to a senior living community. You want to make sure the new place they call home meets as many of their needs as possible from the get-go.

Create a plan (and a Plan B) and make sure your loved one and any family members are all on board. This will make any move easier and reduce the number of surprises along the way.

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FirstLight is grateful for the chance to contribute this article on Relocating Your Parents to Caregiver Solutions, which is where the piece was originally published. You can read more here.

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