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Providing a Network of Support to Millennial Caregivers

All family caregivers face many challenges. Millennial caregivers are no exception. On top of their unique set of challenges, unfortunately  this young group of family caregivers has fewer support systems in place.

FirstLight is proud to be the exclusive home care provider for I-Ally, an online community and support network for millennial caregivers. Here is more information on our partnership.

FirstLight Home Care Partners with Trusted Resource for Millennial Caregivers

FirstLight Home Care, a leading provider of home care services, has partnered with I-Ally, a valuable resource for millennial caregivers. FirstLight is proud to be the exclusive home care provider for this online community and support network.

I-Ally not only serves as a hub of information and resources, but it also offers millennial caregivers a free membership to the I-Ally online community. In the community, members can post stories, ask for advice, and find connections with other members experiencing similar caregiving situations.

Its founder, Lucinda Koza, unexpectedly became a full-time caregiver for her father when he experienced a stroke in 2018. “When I became my father’s caregiver, I had a difficult time finding communal support for someone my age,” said Koza. “I quickly realized there was an incredible opportunity to create a resource and a network of support for millennial caregivers to turn to in times of need.”

I-Ally offers vetted partners, expert advice and a community for young family caregivers. The goal is to help this ever-growing group save time, reduce stress, and make informed caregiving decisions by providing services that fulfill their unique needs.

“It’s becoming much more common to see young adults thrust into these caregiving roles,” said Kerri Pendley, Vice President of Strategy for FirstLight Home Care. “Oftentimes they’re not sure where to turn, and they aren’t aware of the support that’s available to them. We have this great opportunity to participate in the I-Ally community as an industry expert, to be a valuable resource and share helpful advice with its members.”

Koza says she wishes she would have had more help navigating the system. “The support of professional caregivers from a company like FirstLight might have given me more peace of mind, as well as helped me feel less overwhelmed and that I was not alone in this. I want members of the I-Ally community to have that same comfort knowing there are resources out there. They don’t have to do this alone.”

For more information, and to join the I-Ally community, visit

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