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Senior Activities

When you think of an activity night for seniors, bingo is always the first thought that comes to mind.  But did you know there are other great activities that seniors can do to improve happiness and build friendships?  Seniors activities are great for improving cognitive ability, building social interactions, and keeping active and healthy.  From dances to field trips, there are a wide range of great activities for seniors that can bring more laughter and fun into their lives.  Below we have listed some of our favorite activities for seniors.

Noting keeps you youthgul and happy quite like dancing. Remember the fun and excitement of school dances as a kid? No matter what age you are, you can always boogie down to some great music with your friends. Dancing helps seniors stay active while having a great time with friends and loved ones. Even for those who can’t dance like they used to, enjoying music with friends and letting loose can do wonders for their mood.

Field Trips
One of the worst things a senior can do is stay immobile in their homes.  A simple field trip to a museum or park can do wonders for their health, plus it gives them an opportunity to learn something new and share an experience with their friends and family.  When considering a good field trip, look for local events in their community that aren’t too crowded or expensive.  Sometimes getting out of the house is all you need to lighten up your day, and it’s never too late to learn something new.

Senior Activities

Seniors across the country are belting tunes with the help of Karaoke.  This is a great activity for seniors of all singing abilities as it’s fun to let loose and sing in front of your friends and family.  For seniors who have been life long singers, Karaoke is also a great way for them to display their talent and maintain their hobby in a fun and interactive manner.  Karaoke machines have become very inexpensive in recent years and are a great way to bring people together for great music, fun, and a little laughter.

Virtual Bowling
Recent advancements have made video games more accessible than ever for seniors.  One of the most popular of these games is virtual bowling on the Wii.  What makes this game so great is that seniors can play in the comfort of their own home with friends and family, plus it gives them the opportunity to stay active  all year long.  Wii consoles and games have become much more affordable in recent years and have proven to be a great form of entertainment for people of all ages and abilities.

As mentioned before, keeping active is vital to a senior’s health, but not all fitness has to be boring.  Fitness activities like water aerobics and yoga have been modified to allow seniors to receive an excellent source of fitness without worry of injury or overexerting themselves.  These activities are also a great way for seniors to get out of their homes and enjoy quality time with their friends in a new atmosphere.  Go to any water aerobics class and you will see the wide smiles and playful laughter that radiate the room.

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