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Seniors and Technology: There’s an App For That!

Smartphone applications, commonly referred to as “apps”, have quickly become a staple in the daily lives of people around the world.  Although often associated with younger
adults, many apps have been introduced to the market that help aging adults connect with technology in a more accessible manner. Whether you need help tracing medications or want to listen to breaking news stories, there’s an app that can be easily used by aging adults. Below is a list of apps that are great to help seniors better integrate themselves with technology and improve their daily lives.

A great app for news lovers, NPR lets you listen to live broadcasts and read current news.
Interested in accessing older articles? NPR’s app lets you read older articles for free.

By far one of the most important apps for aging adults, Skype helps people stay connected no matter how far the distance. In seconds, seniors can speak in real time, face-to-face, with their loved ones.  The best part is its free!

Find My Phone
Although you need another Apple iOS computer for this app to work, Find My Phone is one of the best apps you can own.  This app will not only geo-locate your lost phone, it will also let you put a lock on it remotely so people who find your phone can’t access private information.

A must have for aging adults, MedWatcher helps people keep track of their prescriptions and gives easy to read descriptions of their medications.  The app also comes with
safety alerts to help keep seniors safe and make sure they are using their medical prescription and devices properly.

Words with Friends
Words With friends is a great word-based game that looks a lot like scrabble.  People can play with their friends and family, or with a complete stranger, and can play at their own pace.  Not only does this game help aging adults stay in touch with their friends and family, but it also acts as a great brain trainer that can keep them mentally sharp.

Facebook Mobile
This app requires an account with Facebook, but it is a great way for seniors to stay in touch with family and friends across the country.  Facebook Mobile’s interface makes it easy to post, interact, and view photos without having to be at their computer.

Magnifier and Flashlight
This app magnifies and lights up small text on-the-go that may be otherwise hard to read for seniors.  This app is great for seniors who are out of their home and need to read tiny print (like menus at restaurants.)

The Weather Channel
Monitoring the weather is a hobby among many senior citizens, and with The Weather Channel app, checking the weather in their home city and the cities of their loved ones is easier than ever.

New senior apps appear almost daily … we’ll help you stay on top of technology!

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