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Social Media For Seniors

Let’s face it; social media is taking over the world. Social media networks connect billions of people across the globe whether they’re merely acquaintances that met while traveling, or they’re long lost friends and family. We’re now able to keep in touch and reconnect much easier. This couldn’t ring more true for our elderly population. More and more seniors are mastering the Internet and multiple social platforms, specifically for staying
in touch with their families; checking up on their children and grandchildren, or finding old classmates.  Though there are several upon several social media platforms out there, only a select few are used more by the elderly population than any else:

  • Facebook: Seniors are learning to navigate the ever-changing world of Facebook in order to keep up with their children and grandchildren’s lives, as well as find old friends and classmates. For the elderly, Facebook is like a constant family and high school reunion every time they log on.
  • Pinterest: This online organizational board is mostly used by women in the U.S., ages ranging from eighteen to eighty. It’s another platform that allows you to swap creative ideas with friends and family. Younger men are slowly catching on to it, however, older men seem to be staying away from this platform.
  • Skype: What’s possibly better than a phone call to your grandchildren or logging on to Facebook to see their updates? Answer: Skype. Video chatting with friends and family in real-time beats a phone call any day, and the senior population seems to know how to operate such tools rather well.

At FirstLight Home Care, we also offer “Telikin,” to our clients, which is a 20-inch computer screen, (PC), that displays all large font for seniors. Complete with large icons for games, software icons and much more. It’s purposefully designed to help the tech savvy seniors operate their computers much easier.

Social media has spread to the senior population-the number one reason; family. Nowadays, families aren’t living as close to one another; they’re states or even countries a part. Social media makes connecting with family from a distance easier and much manageable. Another reason seniors enjoy social media is for reconnecting. Their best friend from school that they haven’t seen in over 50 years, their old family friends who moved away, or even friends who are overseas, and of course, friends that seniors meet within organizations from senior centers-they’re able to reconnect online, and establish a healthy social life through social media.  It’s all about reconnecting and growing friendships for seniors.

Of course, we like to stay connected with our family too. You can find us on FacebookGoogle+Twitter and YouTube.



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