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senior spring activities, elderly women and her cargiver during spring outside.

Spring Activities For Seniors & Caregivers – FirstLight Senior Home Care

After months of colder weather and gray skies in many parts of the country, springtime is a welcomed season for loved ones in senior home care. It can be especially refreshing for older adults who have spent the winter indoors with at home senior care. Fresh air, warmth and sunshine can play an important role in renewing the spirit and enhancing quality of life. Here are some spring activities for seniors that will help your loved ones enjoy the great outdoors alongside their at home senior care companion.

Top 7 Fun Spring Activities For Seniors

To help older adults who are typically inside with at home senior care, we’ve compiled some ideas for outdoor activities that can help rejuvenate mind, body and soul.

Take a walk.

Studies have shown that even 10 minutes of walking each day can help older adults maintain strength and agility. Many local parks and nature trails have options for people with varying levels of mobility. Even a simple stroll around the neighborhood to take in the scenery can be just the right change of pace.

Visit a farmers market.

There’s so much to see and sample at a farmers market. Plus, you can take home some fresh veggies for a healthy meal. Check out the National Farmers Market Directory for a location near you.

Go on a picnic.

A little creativity can turn even the most routine activities into adventures. Try turning your next meal into a picnic. Grab a blanket and head to your favorite park. Bring a friend and share a meal together in the fresh air.

Eat outdoors at your favorite restaurant.

If a picnic in the park doesn’t appeal to you, how about dinner at a nice restaurant that offers outdoor seating? Add good company, delicious food and ambiance, and you’ve got the recipe for a lovely night out.

Install a bird feeder.

Once the birds start chirping, you know spring has arrived. An abundant food source will help attract these feathered friends to your yard. Buy a bird feeder (or if you’re handy, build one) and install it near a window.

Plant a garden.

If you like to get your hands dirty, consider planting a garden. Aside from being able to reap what you sow, gardening is a great form of exercise and can reduce stress.

Get some exercise.

Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous; low-impact activities like walking, yoga, swimming and water aerobics can help with flexibility, balance and strength. The National Institute on Aging offers a guide that can help you get started.

FirstLight Home Care – Senior Home Care Services

Springtime is the perfect opportunity for families around the nation to do something different and energize their loved ones. We also understand that everyone needs a little assistance sometimes, which is why our at home senior care options are available to help your loved ones enjoy all spring has to offer. Find a location near you to learn more about our senior home care services today. For more ideas and tips, follow us on Facebook.

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