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Summertime Tips for Seniors

Summer is finally starting to heat up, which means our seniors need to be even more mindful of how they handle their health. Each year, thousands of seniors succumb to dehydration, heat stroke and heat exhaustion. How can you help the senior in your life live out their summer season to the fullest? Check out some of my quick tips, as gleaned from a helpful article in California’s Alameda Sun.

If you are providing in-home care for a senior with limited mobility, a loved one or in-home care giver should make sure he or she has a properly functioning cooling system. Make sure the air conditioners are serviced to last through the season. If no air conditioner system is available, the senior should have a network of electric fans throughout the house.

Proper window ventilation is important! Some seniors keep their windows latched for security reasons, but getting air into a home is vital for their summer well being. Install safety latches that will allow air to come in without allowing the windows to be open from the outside.

Be mindful when planning outdoor activities. Seniors should avoid activities that take place during hottest hours of the day, between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. As an in-home care giver or adult child, consider planning a day that may feature low impact exercises, such as light walking or even a game of Bocce ball with friends.

For more helpful tips on keeping seniors healthy and active through summer, click here!

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