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The Importance of Independence for Seniors

This week, I read an article about the increasing number of seniors having joint replacement surgery. The article, “Old Patients, New Joints,” written by Paula Span for The New York Time’s blog, The New Old Age, featured a series of individuals who have recently experienced hip or knee replacement surgery as well as useful advice from a number of doctors.

What I found really endearing about this article, is how much people value their independence – their ability to live their lives – no matter their age and no matter what they have to do to achieve it. One woman featured in the article was an avid tennis player and skier, until the pain in her hip made it impossible to do so. At age 76, she elected to have hip joint replacement surgery so that she could continue to do the things she loved. After spending some time recovering, she was back to her normal life. Recently, her other hip has begun to have the same issues. If it can’t be improved through medication, she’s already decided to undergo a second replacement.

No matter the age, no matter the obstacles, people will always strive to do what makes them happy. It doesn’t have to be something as physically active as tennis. Many find joy in going down to the local park; others find it by going to a friend’s house for a visit. No matter what it is, it’s important to everyone and if something like an aching hip or knee is getting in the way, most individuals have a desire to correct the problem so they can go on doing what they love.

Unfortunately, many people who can’t walk or move comfortably are fearful of having such an invasive surgery because of the, often times, long recovery period. That’s why the services offered by in-home care providers, such as FirstLight Home Care, are extremely important; they offer a sense of hope and relief so that those who are suffering can take care of the problem, have a speedy recovery, and get on with their lives.

While confronting issues that hinder anyone’s golden years is never easy, it’s comforting to know that there’s always a way to solve them. To find more information about in-home care services, check out our resource center at the FirstLight Resources Page.

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