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The Perfect Gift For Father’s Day

Fathers_day_father_with_kid_on_lakeIt’s that time of year when sons and daughters flock to buy Hallmark cards for their dad and try and find the perfect gift. Maybe you’re thinking about a shirt, but that will probably just add to the unworn selection already in his closet. Or maybe you’re considering golf balls, because you know how many he loses in his zest to lower his handicap.

You’re probably thinking “if he wants something he goes and buys it” or “he has everything he needs”.

Do you remember what you got your Dad for Father’s day last year? Chances are he doesn’t either. Or for that matter, for his birthday or the holidays? Because you see, these are just things and most of us have too many things. When you get older you have too many possessions, accumulated over a lifetime of places you’ve been and people you have met. His man cave or garage is probably cluttered and your Mom has been nagging him to clean it out.

That’s why the most important gift you can give your Dad is not something you can buy in a store or on the Internet. It’s the gift of your time. With our hectic lifestyles, time can be more precious than anything else these days.

I don’t mean time running errands or going to doctor’s appointments. I mean time spent creating great memories together. Some of my favorite memories with my dad are the golf trips we took or just reminiscing. Last year I converted all our picture albums to digital and made a slide show. I set it to some of his favorite song (yes, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley). It had over 1,000 pictures! We spent the day together laughing at how we changed over the years, our funny haircuts, our out-of-date fashions and some of the crazy things we did.

This year I am converting our VHS tapes to DVD, so we can really laugh at our home movies. Can you believe they had no sound on their cameras in those days? How far we have come!

Maybe you can’t be with your father on this special day. That’s okay too – give him an I.O.U. On your next visit, remember your goal is to spend quality time together.

Maybe your Dad is elderly and has trouble getting to his “Honey Do” list. Help him make any of the minor repairs he needs around the house. Wash his windows. Clean his car. Change all the batteries in his smoke detectors. Put new light bulbs in areas he can’t reach with his ladder. Plant some new flowers in his garden. He might be too proud to ask for help, so you’re volunteering can go a long way.

The perfect Father’s Day gift for your Dad is not store bought – it comes from your heart.

Happy Father’s Day from FirstLight Home Care!

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