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Top Five Exercises for Baby Boomers

4_4If you’re over 50, you need to read this. Exercise is important but not all in one day…every day. Exercise helps promote a healthier and longer life. It improves your mood and it helps you to stay active. Benefits of exercise can also reduce the likelihood of cancer and heart disease. Here are some basic workouts for Baby Boomers.

  • Cardio: Get your heart pumping every day for 30 minutes. Cardio exercises that are great for Baby Boomers include brisk walks, running, swimming and biking. We love swimming because of the low impact on our joints. We also love brisk walks because it gets us outside.
  • Strength Training: As we get older, our muscles get smaller. Strength training will help change this. The other benefit of strength training is that increases muscle mass which is essential to regulate glucose metabolism – which can impact diabetes. Simple ways to add strength training to your weekly exercise plan includes pushups, resistance bands, modified squats and lunges. You don’t need a big gym. The handful of strength training ideas noted in this blog can all be done at home. A special note from Nurse Gina is to make sure you leave 24 to 48 hours between strength training because your muscles need to rest between training.
  • Flexibility Training: Limited flexibility can impact balance. Regular stretching can help. Stretching in the morning and evening for 5 to 10 minutes will help you maintain, maybe even improve, your flexibility.
  • Balance Training: Balance is a bit thing as we grow older. Our lack of balance will lead to falls. Daily you can do simple balance exercises that will help you maintain your balance. Some simple exercises you can do at home would be to stand next to a wall, stand on one leg, remove your hands from the wall and hold for 15 seconds and then change legs. You can also stand on your tip-toes and do the same thing. Collectively this should only take a few minutes and well worth the time.
  • Core Training: Your abdominals are important to your overall health. If you avoid exercises that impact and support your abs, you could end up with a bad back. Exercises like sit ups, reverse curls and crunches will help with your core.

Exercise is a good thing. It will get you up and going every day! What’s your exercise activity you do every week? Post your weekly exercise routine on our Facebook page. Click here to post! Remember, before you start any exercise program you should consult your local physician to confirm your exercise plans and if they are right for you.

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