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Everyone needs companionship, and all of us need a helping hand every now and again.

If you have an elderly parent who lives alone, then chances are they could benefit from in-home companionship when family members cannot be there. At FirstLight Home Care we specialize in elderly companion care services. We provide a wide range of caregiver services to support your aging parent with daily activities, as well as personal companionship so that they can maintain their independence.

Here are some top reasons to hire a companion caregiver for your aging parent:

Company and conversation. Simply having a visitor from time to time can make all the difference in the world to someone living alone, or perhaps to someone caring for an ailing spouse. Whether it means hanging out to watch a favorite TV show together, playing a card game, or taking a walk, a companion caregiver can provide peace of mind. This may help older adults avoid loneliness and feelings of isolation. And in many cases, the caregiver and client form a strong bond and friendship.

Meal preparation. Some seniors fail to get adequate nutrition simply because they don’t want to bother with preparing a meal and cleaning up afterward. Caregivers can prepare regular meals that help elderly adults maintain a healthy diet, provide proper nutrition and add joy and comfort to a senior’s day. Plus, they also can handle the cleanup!

Medication management. Caregivers can help ensure older adults take their medications as prescribed. Understanding their medications, following the doctor’s instructions and staying on schedule, can help prevent medicine mismanagement and keep your parent healthy.

Help with daily tasks. Keeping the home tidy can be a chore for an elderly individual who has mobility issues or is temporarily bedridden. Having assistance around the house to do the dishes, take out the trash, dusting, making the bed, or doing the laundry can be a big help.

If vision or immobility is preventing your loved one from getting necessary errands done, companion care services may be an effective solution. This can include running errands, grocery shopping and taking your aging parent to the doctor’s office or to other important appointments or social events.

Family respite care. If you are the primary caregiver to your aging parent, companion care services can provide a much-needed break for the primary caregiver, whether that’s a spouse, child, other relative or friend. Allowing you to have time away to care for yourself is important. It will help to prevent you from becoming exhausted, isolated or even burned out.

We make it easy for you and your family to get started with our elderly companion care services. Your local FirstLight office will be happy to coordinate a complimentary consultation in the comfort of your loved one’s home to answer any questions you have about our care services. We’ll take the time to get to know your loved one, learn about his or her specific care needs, and outline our recommendations for care.

Contact your local FirstLight Home Care office today to schedule a free, no-obligation elderly companion care assessment for your loved one.



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