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A Travel Companion For Seniors Is Great!

puerto vallarta1_2Are you a senior who wants to go on vacation but not sure you can handle the trip? Don’t want to have to worry about carrying heavy bags and the hassle of getting through airport security? Or are you trying to attend your grandaughter’s graduation or visit a new grandbaby? These are important events you don’t want to miss! Don’t let your age or physical limitations hold you back, because we can help!

FirstLight Home Care has the perfect solution with our Travel Companion program. Traveling can be daunting under the best circumstances, but for seniors, elderly, those with disabilities, or those recovering or rehabilitating from an illness or injury, it can seem particularly overwhelming or unmanageable. It doesn’t have to be.

One of our professional caregivers can accompany you on the trip and take care of all the details of your day-to-day experiences. We can be by you side 24/7, ensuring that your trip is fun and safe. Whether you’re going across the country or internationally, staying at a resort or visiting family and friends, we can help you get there and back and relieve some of the stress for you.

Recently, the owner of FirstLight Home Care The Woodlands had the privilege of accompanying George Robinson, a 63-year-old gentleman from Houston, Texas to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a week’s vacation. At first, George was going to go it alone. However, his caution overtook him.

Hiring a travel companion was the best move I ever made,” said George. “Wayne calmly took care of most things I would’ve considered impossible, especially when I take into account how much the trip drained my energy level as the week went on. The icing on the cake was how pleasant Wayne was as an individual.”

A self-proclaimed sourpuss, George said the best part of the trip was that “he made me smile, and oiled any squeaky wheel so I could enjoy the trip itself.”

What did Wayne do? We all know that traveling from state to state can be a headache, yet alone to a foreign country with different languages and currency. He arranged transportation to and from the airport, handled airport check-in, carried the luggage, tipped the appropriate people and wheeled George around the convention center. He also provided conversation and companionship at meals, something George really looked forward to. In other words, Wayne handled all the details that can make a trip disastrous for seniors or those with a disability who try and travel on their own. 

“If you have parent(s) that are very independent and insist on traveling alone please ask them to reconsider, said George. “There are a myriad of problems that can arise when travelling alone. It’s like the domino theory where one problem follows the other.”

What happens if the flight gets cancelled or the plane is re-routed? If you misplace you identification? If your luggage gets lost?

“I am so thrilled I made this trip possible for George because it truly turned out to be a great experience for both of us,” says Wayne. “Even though I was on call24/7, I would do it all again tomorrow. And now George and I have each made a new friend in each other.”

Want more information about our Travel Companion program? Click here for more information.

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