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3 Best Travel Ideas for Older Travelers and Their Companions

Seniors are some of the biggest travelers out there. The idea that as you get older you should slow down and take it easy has been comprehensively debunked.

Traveling more, further and to new and exciting locations is the number one aspiration for people over the age of 50. And it’s not hard to understand why! Seniors tend to have more time on their hands, more disposable income, and the drive to discover the world having worked hard their whole lives.

Travel can also be hugely beneficial for seniors. Medical studies show that travel is great for older folks, helping with heart disease, brain function, and preventing depression and other mental issues.

Traveling with a companion is a superb way to see the world, make new friends and enjoy the well-earned leisure time that a life of dedication to a career brings. But the question remains: where to go?

These days there aren’t many barriers to traveling anywhere for older people, but some destinations and travel plans do have their advantages. Here we offer three ideas that are perfect for older travelers and their companions, to make it even easier to plan to pack your bags and explore the wide world!

Take a cruise

A cruise is a classic vacation choice for seniors and with good reason! The combination of comfort, convenience, and adventure that a trip on a cruise ship offers is absolutely perfect for older people and their traveling companions.

When it comes to destinations, the world is your oyster! Cozumel is a beautiful cruise destination, allowing you to discover the gorgeous and magical Mexican Riviera Maya as well as enjoy a Caribbean island. Alaska offers wide-open skies and stunning scenery, while cruises to Singapore, Hong Kong, or the Philippines offer the chance to discover the excitement and mystery of the Far East.

Explore national parks

America’s stunning National Parks are a great choice for adventurous seniors, offering excitement, beautiful landscapes, and wonderful wildlife everywhere you turn.

While hiking up to the summit of Half Dome in Yosemite might be a little ambitious, there are adventures to be had for all ages and physical abilities throughout the U.S. National Park system, including ranger-led hikes and amazing scenic drives.

And don’t forget, anyone over 62 can get a National Park Service Lifetime Pass for just $80, opening up the great outdoors in an entirely new way!

Get cultural in Europe

Europe’s cultural highlights should be on everyone’s bucket list, and a ‘grand tour’ of the exquisite capital cities and extraordinary sights that the Old World has to offer is a real treat.

One of the finest and most convenient ways for older people and their companions to see the best that Europe has to offer is by boat, along the network of grand rivers which crisscross the continent. Float down the Danube, the Rhine and the Rhone, and discover history, culture and the grandest of architecture on an amazing European exploration.

FirstLight Home Care provides travel companion services for seniors and other loved ones. Our travel companions will be with your loved one every step of the way, providing support for them and peace of mind for you, helping through every leg of the journey.

This post was contributed by Frankie with Popsicle Stand.

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