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Understanding Our Services: Disability Care

Helping a loved one who has special needs isn’t easy. If you are a family caregiver, it’s up to you to provide comfort and disability care in a range of ways, from housekeeping help and assistance with bathing and dressing to running errands and transportation. Not only is this a serious commitment, but a long-term one as well.

Whether they were born with a disability or became disabled through an injury or medical condition, FirstLight® Home Care can support you and your loved one with our disability care services. While we won’t ever be able to take that special place in your loved one’s heart, we can step in and help in many ways. We’ll ensure your family member is well cared for, whether on a long-term or short-term basis, so we’re meeting their needs and making life easier for you both.

Ways We can Help with Our Disability Care Services

At FirstLight Home Care, our disability care services are always customized, so we’re meeting your loved one’s needs in the way that works best for them. It’s why our process starts first with a conversation. We want to learn about them, their lifestyle, preferences and daily needs.

We’ll also ask questions and address concerns, so together we can create a personalized plan for disability care services. Your loved one will enjoy a much higher quality of life with the right blend of professional services in the place they call home. Some of these include:

Personal & Companion Care

Our goal is to help your loved one live with more joy and independence through a range of personal and companion care services. We’ll give them the assistance they need in the form of meal preparation, light housekeeping and support with personal and hygiene health. We can also provide transportation, whether for a doctor’s appointment, social visits or to go shopping.

At all times, we’ll be there for your loved one with friendship, conversation and companionship too. This will improve their overall sense of well-being, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing they’re safe and happy when you’re away.

Travel Assistance

Do you need to travel with a loved one who has a disability? FirstLight Home Care can help you navigate the journey so it’s easier and less stressful. Under the best circumstances, traveling can be challenging. However, for a disabled individual, it can be especially daunting. With one of our caregivers, we can ensure your loved one stays safe, has their needs met and feels comfortable and secure during the entire experience.

With our disability care services, we can also help in areas such as with airport check-in and ticketing, carrying luggage, providing assistance through security, and support with personal hygiene, meals and more during the trip. You’ll both have a better time when you can simply relax and enjoy, knowing you have the extra hands you need.

Respite Care

You love your family member unconditionally. However, sometimes you need a break. Whether it’s to manage your own personal obligations, like family and work, or for a short-term period of time if you’re away, FirstLight Home Care can provide respite care.

This type of care allows you to take the time off that’s needed to tend to your own life. It also ensures you’re getting the mental and emotional break that helps you maintain your personal health.

When your needs go ignored for too long or you’re exhausted from juggling so many demands, it can lead to physical ailments, along with resentment and frustration. Over time, this can even fracture the relationship you have with your loved one. However, when you’re happy and balanced, you and your loved one can both enjoy time together without stress and pressure. It’s why a respite break – and taking care of your own needs – is so important.

Advantages of Our Disability Care Services

Whether you have a younger relative or older family member who’s disabled, they’re faced with many challenges. However, that doesn’t mean they have to feel helpless.

In fact with disability care from FirstLight Home Care, we’ll empower them so they feel safer, confident and more independent. They can focus on enjoying life to the fullest without being hindered by their disability. They’ll also have the comfort and peace of mind knowing a caregiver is there to help whenever they need it.

In addition, we can provide the kind of disability care that helps them stay where they’re happiest – in their own home – and navigate the space with ease. According to Disabled World, seven in 10 adults with disabilities live with their parents or guardian and 17% live independently. Wherever your loved one calls home, we’ll work to ensure the environment is safe for them, providing more security and freedom.

If you’re looking for disability care services, contact your local FirstLight Home Care today. We can provide the personal and companion care, as well as the respite breaks you both need to stay happy and healthy, enjoying life to the fullest.

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