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Understanding Our Services: Travel Companions

For many older adults, their senior years offer time to travel and explore the world. Likewise, they finally have the flexibility to visit children and grandchildren in different locations. However, if they have issues with mobility, a chronic illness or disability, it can spoil their travel plans. That’s where travel companions can help.

Whether your spouse just had surgery or needs oxygen, your parent is elderly and in a wheelchair, or your loved one has physical limitations, you can still travel together. In fact, at FirstLight® Home Care, we can provide travel companion services throughout your whole journey. We’ll be there with you and your loved one every step of the way, making the experience as enjoyable, comfortable and stress-free as possible.

From family reunions and vacations to weddings and other important milestone events, our travel companions can ensure your senior doesn’t miss a thing. We can help you navigate the airport and get to your destination, safely and comfortably. We’ll also help during the entire trip and on the return, ensuring your loved one is able to get back to home base without any troubles.

This service not only makes traveling easier and more convenient, but also provides peace of mind too. You don’t have to worry or stress about how to manage through a busy airport terminal or security, on an airplane or in a hotel. You can simply take it easy and enjoy your time together.

Ways Our Travel Companions Can Help Seniors

We can meet many needs and provide the level of travel companion services that are right for you and your loved one. Whether your family member needs daily assistance with bathing and dressing or just some help getting around while traveling, we’ll be there. We’ll ensure your loved one doesn’t miss an event and gets the care and attention they need to have fun, maintain their dignity and embrace the joys of traveling.

We can also help with:

  • Checking in at the airport and the ticketing process
  • Carrying luggage or transporting your loved one in a wheelchair
  • Helping your loved one navigate security or customs
  • Providing assistance with ground transportation
  • Unloading bags at the final destination
  • Helping with the hotel check-in process
  • Bathing, dressing and personal hygiene during the trip
  • Assistance with meals, medication reminders and more

Our travel companions aren’t just for seniors, either. We can help those with special needs or disabilities, as well as veterans who need a helping hand. We can also provide support if a loved one just recovered from surgery or an illness and needs assistance during a trip. The journey will be easier and more enjoyable with help from the travel companions at FirstLight Home Care.

You also won’t have a reason to put off that family vacation or trip across the country.Instead, you can get the support and assistance you and your loved one need, providing reassurance at every point of the journey. Our goal is to provide quality travel companion services that connect people with their loved ones, exciting opportunities and the world around them.

Get the latest information and recommendations for travel as it related to COVID-19 from the CDC.

If you’re interested in a travel companion for a senior or other loved one, contact your local FirstLight Home Care today. We can help through every leg of your journey.

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