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What is Veneration?

By definition, veneration is the expression of respect or reverence inspired by dignity, wisdom, dedication or talent, often of an elder. Veneration is also a new initiative with an aim to raise awareness of aging Americans, find connections to other generations, find solutions to the challenges facing older adults and rebuild the dignity that our elders deserve.

The Veneration Project was incorporated in 2011 by two sisters, Adina and Sara Saoerstein, who had to care for their mother at a young age. They had no support as they navigated through the complicated legal systems and home care options for their mother. What they learned and what they hope to share with others became Veneration.

The site is aimed at the changing “sandwich generation”—what used to be Boomers who were caught between caring for both their children and aging parents, and is now becoming Gen Xers and Millenials.  Through helpful and supportive resources, community activities and communication, the minds behind the Veneration Project hope to open doors to other informal caregivers and ease the stress of these responsibilities.

FirstLight Home Care works with many of these “sandwich generation” parent-children, helping take some of the responsibility and time commitment from busy informal caregivers. By offering non-medical, in-home care, FirstLight caregivers can make your loved one stay comfortable and independent in his or her own home, giving you much-needed time managing your own life.

For more information on the Veneration Project, visit

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