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Where to turn when you’re caring for your aging parents

All your life, they’ve been there for you and now as they grow older, the role between you and your parents is changing. You’re now the parent…worried about their safety, concerned over changes in the way they eat or remember things that they use to never forget, and each month they require more help. It’s scary, confusing, exhausting, and at times even heartbreaking.

We know. We’ve personally been there and we serve many families across the US who are going through exactly what you’re going through right this moment. In our years of serving the elderly, disabled, those returning from the military and those needing help after surgery, we’ve have a wealth of knowledge of ways to find help.

  1. Ask our own Nurse Gina. Nurse Gina is a great resource. Gina has over 35 years of experience as an RN, is a nationally Certified Dementia Practitioner, has an MBA, and has first-hand experience caring for aging family members with Alzheimer’s disease.  You can send Nurse Gina a private message by clicking here. (LINK TO ASK NURSE GINA PAGE)
  2. AARP: This is a great site for all things “over 50”. AARP has information on health, money, home, family, and travels. Everything they write about and discuss online targets the 50-plus audience, including the challenges of the sandwich generation. For more information visit
  3. Check out our Care Library. We have a great collection of downloadable articles and links to Podcasts, online articles and helpful websites. Everything you might need is just a click away. Click here to check out our library. (LINK TO LIBRARY)
  4. Aging Parents and Elder Care: What we love about this site is that it has access to support groups along with strong resource library with books, videos and articles.
  5. Read other blog entries we’ve published over the years. We cover topics from senior care, health and wellness to Alzheimer’s care and senior legal help. Our blog posts and tools will help you through all the questions you may have about your loved ones. (LINK TO BLOG)
  6. Children of Aging Parents: This site covers all ages and provides information on aging, senior care, aging programs and support groups. For more information, visit

As the role with your family members change, don’t let it change you. Take a deep breath, find a quiet place to think, write down all your questions/concerns and then tackle them one-by-one. You’ll be glad you did it.



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