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Wii by Nintendo: An effective way for seniors to exercise and have fun

Video games often get a bad rap, especially when it comes to how many hours young kids and teenagers can be glued to them.  Hours of sedentary sitting along with the less-than-nutritious diets of many children are a recipe for an overweight, unhealthy generation.  But, video game promoters and advocates can create a case for the positives of video games for kids.

Are there also benefits for seniors?  The resounding answer seems to be YES!

Nintendo has been around since 1985, and they continuously come out with new and improved video games.  Starting with the Nintendo Entertainment Systems, moving on to GameBoy, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and so many more.

It was in 2006 however that Nintendo came out with Wii. Wii games are played by combining the motion of a handheld remote controller and the use of the controller’s buttons to manipulate the on-screen player.  And then there is Wii Fit that has games that incorporate yoga, strength training, balance and aerobics. The games are interactive and require the player to physically move, which is definitely much better than just sitting on the couch.

Nintendo Wii can be an effective tool to create or maintain a healthy lifestyle for some people because it follows the basic principles for adhering to an exercise program, like having physical activity goals, tracking those goals and evaluating the progress.  Seniors today are leading better quality, activity-rich lives; therefore, they have become a more attractive consumer group.  Many seniors were active athletes in their younger years, whether it was bowling, baseball, tennis etc.  They are finding Wii to be an easy avenue for them to once again enjoy the activities of their younger years.

Many seniors are classifying Wii as addictive (in a good way), as well as fun and helpful in building muscles and using their entire bodies.  Additionally, it’s becoming more and more popular in senior living communities.  Although computers and technology can often times be confusing, Wii games/remotes are easy enough for most seniors to conquer and enjoy!  So, I say “Get Your Wii On!”

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