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Providing 24-hour and Live-In Care Services to Boston Northwest and the Surrounding Areas

Does your loved one need more care and support on a consistent basis throughout the day and/or night? Are you or other family members losing sleep or feeling overwhelmed providing care at all times of the day and night? Would you like complete peace of mind knowing that your loved one is safe and never alone? It may be time to consider in-home 24/7 (or 24-hour, 24×7) Care or Live-in Care (also known as Extended Care) services.

While both 24/7 and Live-in may sound similar, there are key differences. And in-home care is very different from being at an Assisted Living Facility. Understanding the differences will help you determine what’s best for your loved one.

A caregiver folds laundry, while her client reads a magazine

FirstLight’s trained live-in care providers deliver 24-hour care when individuals have difficulty with daily activities. Assistance with everyday tasks around the house allows seniors and other adults to remain safely in the comfort of their own homes by providing:

  • Companionship
  • Personal care assistance
  • Help with the activities of daily living
  • Meal preparation
  • Basic house cleaning and laundry
  • Running errands
  • Medication reminders
  • Transportation assistance for social activities or medical appointments

In-home Care vs. Assisted Living Facility (ALF)

In-home Care (whether Hourly, 24/7 or Live-in) provides seniors with:

  • Personalized Attention: One-on-one care that adapts to the unique needs and preferences of each senior.
  • Emotional Well-Being: Strong, meaningful bonds formed through consistent caregiver-client interactions.
  • Aging in Comfort: The unmatched value of staying in a familiar, memory-filled home.

We often provide services at ALF’s to residents who need more personalized and one-on-one care than ALF’s are staffed for.

FeatureIn-Home CareAssisted Living Facilities
EnvironmentFamiliar home setting, preserving personal independenceStructured, communal living with shared spaces; Adapting to a new environment at an ALF can be emotionally challenging, especially for those living with Dementia
CaregivingPersonalized, one-on-one care tailored to individual needsCare provided to multiple residents, which may limit personal attention and time to establish a rapport
CompanionshipDeep personal bonds with consistent caregiversVarying personal connection levels with staff and other residents
Daily LifeSeniors maintain their daily routines with caregiver supportScheduled activities and meals, with less flexibility
CostFlexible based on care hours needed; charged daily for Live-inOften a fixed monthly fee, regardless of individual care levels
AdaptabilityCare plans and routines can easily adapt to changing needsChanges in care needs may require moving within the facility, or to a different facility

What’s 24/7 Home Care?

Live-in Home Care means having a dedicated caregiver providing daily assistance and companionship within the familiar environment of the senior’s home. The Live-in caregiver lives in your loved one’s home, and provides care during the day.

Unlike other care options that involve rotating staff or care in unfamiliar settings, Live-in home care focuses on creating a stable, comforting environment where seniors can thrive. Our Live-in caregivers not only assist with daily activities but also become a part of the family, offering a unique blend of support, companionship, and peace of mind.

  • Who is it for? For seniors who sleep well through the night but like the peace of mind knowing that they’re not alone in case of an emergency. Also, Live-in Care is ideal for those who prefer having the same caregiver or two.
  • How does it work? Usually, there’s one caregiver for all 7 days a week, or the week is split between 2 caregivers. By law, the caregiver works 16 hours and get 8 hours of rest time, including 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep time. Room and board are provided by the client.
  • How much does it cost? Live-in Home Care is charged on a daily basis, and is much more cost-effective than 24/7 Home Care.

Hear From Our Clients

“First Light Home Care is wonderful! It is a team approach and every member of the team is positive, professional, and genuine. We are so grateful for the care given to our dad. We especially appreciate the ongoing communication. First Light is top notch and we are very thankful to have found them. If you are looking for a family member ~ look no further.” – Daniel D.

“First Light Home Care of Boston Northwest has provided service above and beyond what my family and I expected for my mom’s care. They are incredibly responsive, and have provided top notch care givers, who are all experienced and very attentive to my mom’s needs. They have also been able to provide alternate caregivers whenever our existing person has been unable to work because of illness, even on very short notice. I can’t recommend FirstLight enough, and thoroughly enjoy working with Girish, Saundra and Nikki who are all extremely professional in every dealing that I’ve had with them.” – Nathan L.

“My dad is a US Navy Vietnam Veteran who is bedridden and paralyzed. We have First Light Home Care services through VA funding. I was hesitant at first leaving my dad alone with an unknown care giver, he had been through so much with nursing home neglect, but when Ashley showed up at my home, she made it seem as if she was one of our family members. She is the best, very attentive, knowledgeable and so friendly and kind. All my fears disappeared and most of all my dad feels safe. He actually can’t wait for Ashley to show up the next day. I am very grateful that we have Ashley and the entire administrative staff at FirstLight Home Care. They are all very nice and have quick response times for changes in schedules or any issues that come up.” – Nadine T.

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Explore Your Care Options with FirstLight Home Care

Determining the best care solution for your loved one is a significant decision. Let us help you navigate through your options with a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. Discover the difference personalized, in-home care can make.

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