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We’re committed to delivering the industry’s best care (see our outstanding client reviews) for the greatest value. The peace of mind that comes with our home care services is more affordable than you might think. Our home care rates include our highly personalized approach to care, focus on caregiver matching, our commitment to maintaining relationships and consistently monitoring care and so much more–all at no extra cost.  We also accept Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance from all carriers and we help you to activate your policy and secure your coverage.  Claims are processed by our expert team on your behalf and FirstLight Home Care takes assignment of benefits.  Meet our compassionate and passionate office team members who oversee all care.

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How Much Help Do You Need?

Our pricing for in-home non-medical care is customized for each individual, taking into account their unique situation and how many hours of care they will require each day. We offer everything from short-term care to round-the-clock care, so you can rest easy knowing we can find the perfect balance for your loved one’s needs. We also provide a Travel Companion Program for those who need an extra hand while traveling, and a Respite Care Program, for families who want to take some hard-earned time for themselves now and then.

While your situation may be different from these, please consider these examples of potential in-home care service scenarios, so you can gauge the approximate level of care your loved one may require:


Example 1: Charles Needs 4 Hours of Care / Day

Charles is living either alone or mostly independently, but could use a little help around the house and with daily tasks, due to age-related mobility issues or while he is recovering from surgery. These tasks could be anything from light housekeeping and cooking, to errand running and shopping, as well as personal things like bathing or dressing.


Example 2: Nancy Needs 12-16 Hours of Care / Day

Nancy may be living with a family caregiver or adult child who cares for her, but due to a severe disability or perhaps a condition such as Alzheimer’s Disease, she cannot be left unattended. Nancy’s primary caregiver may have a job outside of the home, or has other obligations and activities in their schedule, so they need someone trustworthy to be with her while they are out.


Example 3: Harold Needs 24/7 Care or Live-in Services

Harold has a severe disability or advanced condition that requires round the clock care, but either lives alone or with someone who is unable to be his caregiver. Either 24/7 care (caregivers work in 8 hour shifts, attending to Harold’s needs) or live-in care (caregivers work 2-3 day shifts, with the option to get a full night’s rest in their own area) would be the best option for Harold’s case. Those who have major health challenges such as stroke-related paralysis, late-stage dementia, or a disability that affects mobility, are good candidates for 24/7 or live-in care services. In these situations, caregivers assist with all companion and personal care needs, including hygiene and toileting, meal preparation and feeding, cleaning and running errands, and providing transportation for medical appointments and treatments.

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