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For Any Stage of Dementia, Including Alzheimer’s Disease

Each individual with dementia retains their unique personality. Individual differences are not based solely on the stages of dementia, and each person’s memory, speech and behavior are different because they are a unique individual.

At FirstLight Home Care we create dementia and Alzheimer’s care services that are personalized for each individual. Our Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care Program recognizes the life that each individual had before dementia and centers our care around the individual, not just the disease.  We strive to help those affected by this disease live a fulfilling life with purpose.

A “Who I Am” booklet is completed by each client to get an in-depth view of their personal history… We want to understand things about your loved one such as:

  • What makes you happy?
  • Laugh?
  • Feel accomplished?
  • What distresses or frustrates you?
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That’s why we’ve developed a unique Dementia Program—building dementia care services around the individual, not the disease—incorporating who they were, not just who we see today. It’s a personalized and engaging dementia home care approach, where our goal is to make sure those affected by this disease live the rest of their lives with purpose. Many people with dementia want at home care, to keep at least their surroundings familiar in a world suddenly filled with uncertainties.

We provide a “Who I Am” booklet that contains much more than a basic history. We want to understand the intangible things that make your mom or dad who they are. We ask questions like:

  • What makes you happy?
  • What makes you laugh?
  • What makes you feel accomplished?
  • What distresses or frustrates you?

The information we gather helps our Dementia Care Coordinators and Caregivers create a specialized plan for the daily care of your loved one.

What else sets us apart from other dementia and Alzheimer’s care companies in York, PA? We provide one-on-one consultation by highly trained caregivers.  Our staff is not only carefully selected but also provided with on-going training opportunities. To ensure compliance and increase the effectiveness of our Culture of Care programs we evaluate using:

  • Client Satisfaction Surveys
  • Client and Caregiver Focus Groups
  • Advisory Councils

Contact us for more information on how FirstLight of York’s Dementia Program can make a difference in your loved one’s care.

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