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What Is Personal Care?

We Put The “Personal” In Personalized Care


Actually, every service that FirstLight Home Care provides is personalized – whether it’s dementia care, senior care, respite care, care for people with disabilities, or care for the chronically ill. That’s because each of us is unique, with our own schedules, lifestyles and needs.

At FirstLight, we call our home care aides caregivers, because that’s what they do – take care of you. You may have heard them called personal care assistants, companions, or personal support workers. No matter their title, they are passionate about helping you with the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), particularly those involving your personal, physical mobility and therapeutic care needs.

We know that asking for help is never easy, nor is acknowledging that you may need assistance to get up and get going in the morning. At FirstLight Home Care, we’re dedicated to helping you maintain your independence while keeping you safe. You may be capable of taking a shower yourself, but can you do so without falling on a slippery tub? It’s not your abilities that are in question as much as your well-being.

Here are some of the personal services that FirstLight Home Care can provide:

  • Bathing – Wouldn’t you like to take a long bath or shower to relax? Personal hygiene aside, warm water is a good cure for many aches and pains.
  • Walking – Let’s admit it – as we grow older, we tend to slow down. This can lead to being overweight, out of shape and tired all the time. Not everyone can run a marathon, but some level of activity is often needed. You know that old saying … use it or lose it? Getting from your house to your car may be difficult. Or climbing a flight of stairs can be challenging. Because physical activity is so important, we’ll help you with as much or as little mobility assistance as you need.
  • Eating – No more living on fast food! Too often, seniors and the disabled have poor eating habits, mainly because it is a hassle to cook for one person and it’s much more convenient to pop frozen food into the microwave. However, eating a well-balanced meal is extremely important to your overall health, because it can help you reduce your risks for diabetes, bone loss, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and more. Plus, not consuming enough calories can leave you feeling lethargic versus energized.  We can prepare nutritious meals for you, whether or not you’re on a special diet or just need help coordinating the utensils.
  • Getting dressed – Dressing yourself can be one of the hardest tasks of the day. Fastening buttons, snaps and hooks can seem impossible, particularly if you have arthritic hands.  We can help you get assistive devices to make dressing easier, trade your old shoelaces for elastic ones, or get you comfy and warm in no time.
  • Brushing your teeth – Teeth tend to weaken over time. There is a reason that approximately 5% of seniors age 65 and older have no teeth and that the average senior citizen is missing at least 3 teeth. Brushing your teeth and maintaining good oral hygiene is critical to your physical health as well.

We provide care in your home – wherever home may be either temporarily or permanently. For some of us it’s a retirement community or assisted living facility. For others you may still be in the place where your kids grew up or have transitioned to a smaller home. We do know most people want to stay in their home, where you are both comfortable and familiar.

Whether you need short-term care or long-term care, you’ll find FirstLight Home Care to be exceptionally sensitive to your needs.

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