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What's the best advice your dad gave to you?

What’s the Best Advice Your Dad Has Given You?

Father’s Day is this Sunday. In celebration of all the dads out there – and the impact they have on our lives – we asked FirstLight Home Care team members to share the paternal words of wisdom that have proved to be true in their lives over the years. The response from our owners and other team members was inspiring! Here are more than a dozen great pieces of fatherly advice from our very own FirstLight family.

My father taught us kids to drive. There were four of us. Dad was always very calm. He always said, “Keep right on the tail of the car ahead of you in a left-hand turn lane, so everyone gets around the corner.”  He also taught us to never pass someone on the interstate and then just get right in ahead of them, cutting them off. He taught most of my cousins, and his sisters, and sisters-in-law, and my mother, too. People that we didn’t even know showed up at his funeral and said that he had taught them to drive. He really touched a lot of lives. He is why I got into home care. Susan Lindgren, Owner, FirstLight Home Care of Plainfield, IN

“Nothing good happens after midnight.” Raelene Plummer, Owner, FirstLight Home Care of Northwest Arkansas

My dad always instilled in me the importance of managing your money. I don’t know that he ever gave me direct advice, but it was more about the example he set. My parents always put much thought into how they spent their money. They lived in a modest home and never took extravagant vacations. And they managed to give 4 girls a Catholic education on one household income. While I consider myself a saver and pretty good at managing my money, I also make sure to live a little because you can’t take it with you! Cresta Lewis, PR & Social Media Manager, FirstLight Home Care Home Office

“If you are going to dig ditches, do it better than all the others.” Scott Topping, Co-Owner, FirstLight Home Care of Honolulu, HI

My dad gave me this advice when I got married. “Be careful of what you say, words once out are like an arrow out of the bow, once it’s out, it is gone. Words can make or break a relationship.” Lolita Pinto, Owner, FirstLight Home Care of Rancho-Cucamonga, CA

Know your surroundings. Be able to give a good description. Don’t get smart with police when pulled over and don’t use my name to get out of a ticket. Stay locked and loaded. I come from a law enforcement family. ? Nancy Coin, Client Care Coordinator, FirstLight Home Care of Riverview, FL

“Have fun but be careful!” Ally Waters, Director of Marketing FirstLight Home Care Home Office

“If you tell someone you are going to do something or be somewhere, then do it!” Ken Fleming, Owner, FirstLight Home Care of Charlotte, NC and FirstLight Home Care of Fort Mill & Rock Hill, SC

Money: “Don’t ever charge more on a credit card than you can pay off in one month.” (I revised that to 3 months but only on occasion!) Business: “Keep it simple. You got money coming in and money going out. As long as the money coming in is more, you are doing okay!” Dating: (He was 100% Italian!) “Watch out for those curly haired bad****s, cuz your father was one of ’em!” (Thanks, dad, for the heads up!) LOL! Jaye McCoy, Owner/President, FirstLight Home Care of Greater Omaha West and Northeast

“Be who you want to be!” Daryl Beckles, Director of Human Resources, FirstLight Home Care Home Office

The best advice my Dad ever gave me is, “Never go to bed mad at one another because tomorrow is never a guarantee.” He has also said, “Always reach for the stars, you never lose, you either win or you learn.” And to this day I live by those words. Kourtney Tello, Care Coordinator, FirstLight Home Care of Macomb County/Grosse Pointe, MI

When I turned 25, my dad told me if I thought the first 25 went by fast, that I should hold on, as the next 25 would fly by. In other words, pay attention to what is happening each and every day of your life. Time passes by so fast, you can miss the most important things, so hold on!!! Bill Whitener, Owner, FirstLight Home Care of Central Polk County, FL

Why I take the stairs: William E. Harned, 1923-2017: My father lived healthy until he died last year at age 93. His best advice was not in words, but in how he lived. Dad walked daily, in previous years a measured mile. He also ate limited portions at meals, watched his weight and blood pressure and generally followed doctor’s orders. (He did not always listen to our advice.) And one more thing, I enjoyed watching Dad and several others on one of two senior bowling leagues up until some knee and heart issues shortly after turning 90. Dad’s best advice was his example of living healthy and getting out of the house to be with family and friends. Roger Harned, National Alliance Coordinator, FirstLight Home Care Home Office – Back to work for FirstLight after a brief semi-retirement at age 65

What’s the best advice your dad has given you? Join our conversation and share his wisdom on our Facebook page.

We wish everyone who plays the role of dad a very Happy Father’s Day!

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