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Celebrating Father’s Day with Seniors

Your father has been a rock and a role model. He’s been there for you through the good days and the bad; for the joy, laughter and tears. But now as he’s getting older, he needs some extra support and attention from you. How can you honor him in a special way this Father’s Day?

After months of shutdowns and social isolation, this is the year to make Father’s Day extra memorable. Here are a few different ways you can show your gratitude and love for that one-of-a-kind father in your life.

Ideas for Father’s Day for the Active Senior

If your dad is active and enjoys going out, plan a barbecue or lunch in his honor. Serve his favorite foods and invite the whole family over for time together. During the day, you can plan fun and games, like bocce ball, corn hole, lawn bowling or horseshoes. It’s the perfect way to spend quality time with your dad and your whole family, making happy memories in the process.

If your dad likes arts and culture, consider going to his favorite museum, art gallery or a well-known landmark. There are even attractions where dads get in free on Father’s Day. If he’s not able to walk for long, there are plenty of places to visit virtually, from the Guggenheim Museum in New York to the British Museum in London. You can even take virtual tours of national parks, like Yellowstone.

If he prefers nature, you can simply go for a walk in the park or through the neighborhood. If he’s more comfortable sitting, you can even take him on a long car ride through a local scenic area and then invite him for lunch or dinner at a restaurant he enjoys.

If your dad prefers sports or cars, take him to a local game or car show. This is a fun-filled, exciting way to spend the day together doing an activity he’s passionate about. Your dad will also appreciate the opportunity to get out of the house, socialize with others and reminisce about his own memories growing up.

Ideas for Father’s Day for the Stay-at-Home Senior

If you have a father who’s confined to his home or a senior living community, you can still have a special day together. Just make sure you’re following any distancing rules or visiting requirements if you’re spending time in his community.

One idea is to plan a movie afternoon with him. Bring snacks he enjoys and watch his favorite movie, whether it’s a black and white classic or something more recent. If there is a game on TV he wants to see, plan to watch that together instead.

If your dad loves poker, chess or another game, plan a game day with a few close family members. Use pennies or other small tokens for bets to keep it competitive yet still light-hearted and fun. You can then order out if he’s at home or bring him his favorite takeout meal if he’s in an assisted living community. Check out these special food deals to take advantage of this Father’s Day.

If your dad likes to get pampered, take him for an old-fashioned cut and shave. For seniors, the simple tasks – like grooming and shaving – can be difficult. When you take him to the barber, he’ll walk out looking and feeling better. It will also provide an opportunity for your dad to relax and spend time with you.

Ideas for Father’s Day Gifts from the Family

In addition to different activities, there are a range of thoughtful gifts to consider. Depending on his hobbies and interests, some ideas include:

  • A new deck of cards in large print
  • Books or movies, or a subscription for audiobooks or music
  • A comfortable new blanket and slippers
  • A photo album filled with family pictures
  • A basket full of his favorite things, from treats and candies to drawings and cards from children and grandchildren

Ideas for Father’s Day with the Grandkids

If you or your siblings have children, there are many ways to get your kids involved so they can honor their grandfather or great-grandfather on Father’s Day. One idea is to purchase a kite kit and build it together. There are loads of kits available with creative designs, from dragons and butterflies to sailboats and more.

This is a great way to get your dad involved with the kids, so they spend quality time together. It will provide a fun-filled afternoon and you can then all go outside afterward and enjoy a day of play.

Another way to get your children involved is to fill out a “Fun Facts About Grandpa” printable with your child. There are different options available online that provide prompts for your child to write what they love most about their grandpa, their favorite memory, and things their grandpa has taught them. It will surely warm your dad’s heart and even bring him a laugh.

Ideas for Father’s Day if You’re Away

If you are not able to see your dad in-person this Father’s Day, make sure you schedule a video chat. Get the whole family involved and participating, talking about special memories you all have of him and how much you care about and appreciate him.

Whatever you decide to do, keep in mind any limitations your dad has. While you want to have fun and do things he enjoys, it will be a difficult day if he’s struggling. So, choose things that are easy for him and that he likes best. Simply spending time with your dad and creating new memories together is what’s truly most important.

Whether your dad lives at home or in a senior living community, FirstLight® Home Care can provide the extra support, comfort and assistance he needs on Father’s Day and every day of the year. Contact your local FirstLight Home Care today to find out more.

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